skimThe WaveStorm Skimboard is a great skimboard for beginners or pros! The board is foam on top so it may hurt less if you fall. It also has tough polyurethane on the bottom, so it has the ride and feel of a regular skimboard.  There are several ways in which a skimboard can be ridden: either gliding over a layer of water towards a wave, or riding in shallow water parallel to the ocean (known as flatland or inland skimming. Most flatland skimboarding takes place at rivers, or at tide flats).

Wave riding is considered more advanced than flatland skimboarding, though flatland skimboarding has become more and more popular and taxingly difficult over the years as more advanced rails, ramps and technical tricks have become the norm. All skimboarders start by learning how to throw the board and run onto it while it is gliding across a thin layer of water. After beginners have mastered the basic techniques properly they can move to more complicated tricks, or riding waves, grinding rails, or other skateboarding maneuvers.


Skimboard Key Features:

Length:  48″ – 121,9 cm

Thickness:  1,34″ inch – 3,4 cm

Weight:  2,44 kgs (5.38 lbs)

Core:  Expanded beaded polystyrene.

Deck:  GFT foam deck.   US Patent# 6,9988,920.

Bottom:  Polyethylene Slick

Stringer:  3 – Stringer System


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